Mechanical by Bruno Flexer

Mechanical by Bruno Flexer
Mechanical by Bruno Flexer

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The future is here - Science Fiction Gadgets come to the retail store next to you!

by Bruno Flexer, Author of:
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The Fire At The Gates

Automatic Rebellion
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We live in a special day and age but we rarely stop to really look around and be amazed. Just now, several high tech gadgets that would have been considered science fiction even ten or twenty years ago are freely available in stores.

Google Glasses: Android capable glasses with WIFI connectivity and every kind of app available on your smartphone, this little invention enables you to integrate every kind of information right into your field of view, starting from navigation to friend and business location and the possibilities are just astounding. Just think of paintball, with virtual enemies and weapons against real live opponents, all wearing the glasses!

Wearable Android Watch: There are several types of these gadgets around now. WIFI connectivity, Bluetooth enabled to connect to a host of peripheral devices, easy and light, these gadgets really enable you to maximize your computing power wherever you go.

3D Printers: Now these really push back the boundaries of science fiction gadgets. These astonishing devices enable you to create almost any kind of device or object by using the right 3D model of the object and the right plastic construction materials. You can really create anything, guns being the extreme example here though creating a good barrel out of plastic is still problematic. This technology is still at its infancy but where is the limit here? Could we buy a 3D model of a Toyotoa and print it in our home printer out of specially hardened plastic in five years?

These are just the tip of the iceberg, just to show us how tech catches up with science fiction faster than any of us really thought was possible ...

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