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Open Channel - a “happy surprise” according to Amazon reviewer

Open Channel - a “happy surprise” according to Amazon reviewer.
Science fiction/fantasy readers are discovering Open Channel, written by professional editor Daniel Betts.

Currently an eBook, Open Channel will be released in audio and print this year.

Open Channel tells the story of vigilante captain, Jason Drake and his mixed crew of biomechanical, human and magical beings. After falling into a devastating trap, Jason is forced to stretch the resources and skills of his remaining crew to face a terrible threat to galactic freedom.

Filled with action, dynamic characters, romance, humor and drama, fans of the science fiction/fantasy genre will definitely enjoy this unique offering.

Check out these 5 Star Reviews from Amazon:

Five Stars  Big fan May 19, 2014

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This book is well written and was recommended to me by a friend. Also a little upset since I like to read before bed but this book had me reading past my bedtime. I just couldn't stop!

Very gripping and heartfelt justice from the main character Drake after the loss of his daughter. It was a character you could really get behind. The action and events were very well written. I highly recommend this book to any scifi action fan like myself. Loved it :)

Five Stars  Riveting May 14, 2014

Format:Kindle Edition

Make the wonderful “mistake” of reading even the few sample chapters of ‘Open Channel’, and I’m betting my right arm you’ll be hooked. Author Daniel Betts has crafted something that will stay with you even days after reading it.

Basically, ‘Open Channel’ is a breath-taking reimagination of the distant future, where colonizing other worlds has become commonplace. However, these individual colonies evolved to be suspicious of the intentions of humans from other worlds, and such serves as seeds for the terrible tragedy that ensues. The book, however, pulls into focus on a well-developed character we can all root for: Captain Drake, whose “Captain Kirk-like” directive is to steer and command his warship as he is driven by professional as well as deeply personal reasons: out to avenge the death of his daughter and the mess that has become of his previous marriage, Drake makes every decision with a far-reaching eye for revenge. And there’s the rub: he’s the man in charge of bringing about justice. But an unexpected twist amps up the suspense and basically “time warps” the reader into a complication you cannot look away from.

Also, there’s something in Daniel Betts’ writing that reminds me so much of William Gibson in his post-Neuromancer novels—that is, the Gibson that is sharper and raw in ‘Spook Country’ or dazzling in ‘Pattern Recognition’. Betts, however, stands on his own as a distinct literary voice, regardless of the comparison.

Overall, ‘Open Channel’ is a book you open and doesn’t put down until the very last page—it is that arresting and immersive. If you love a science fiction tale that throbs with style and grace and weighs heavily with its emotional gravitas, then you’ll love this book to shreds. Get a copy—or send it as a gift to a friend who loves the genre. A solid five-star rating for this one.

Five Stars Captain Kirk Fans Buckle Up, It's Going Too Be, Beyond a Bumpy Ride, May 1, 2014

Verified Purchase(What's this?)

This review is from: Open Channel (Kindle Edition)

Okay out of the gate I want to say this is hard core Sci Fi. As the genre was intended to be, no Casper milk toast here I promise. There is adult language and, situations as well this is an adult book with adult story line etc. It is a well written adult Sci Fi but not appropriate for teens. But, it is however perfect for a Sci FI junky who has been jonesing for a new book series.

There is nothing better than finishing a stellar science fiction novel knowing that it is only the first in a series. Some of the greatest minds in sci-fi have used the series format to create complex and thrilling universes for their story characters to exist in. While other authors, have created dystopian (and utopian) future environments on earth with varying results.

This is a bit of a combo sort of book, like super sizing your McDonald's order you get a whole lot a bang for your buck. This is set in the far future and focuses heavily on plot and story development, giving a much lesser role to technical detail. However it clearly avoids the label of what would be considered soft science fiction often described as "space opera".

It actually reminds me of a series that was started in the 80s with a small novel named "Ender's Game." It was later expanded in to a full sized novel of the same name by the author now the series consists of nine novels. This book is much like that one with respect to its assets. With characters that are very well fleshed out with a story that has enough angst to give it the required bit of emotion.

Sorry, but I happen to like to know what the characters are feeling. Call me a girl but I need to know and this author tells you, so thanks for that. That was to be frank is a happy surprise in a genre that by its very nature. The authors focus on special effects versus emotion and internal character development is prevalent. I'm a girl who likes some pathos and humor in her dialogue. I'm happy to state delivered by author Daniel Betts.

Jason and Aria the principle characters have a long and troubled history of sharing tragedy. The development of this relationship allows the author to bring a little softness, to the story line. Hence he pulls in some interesting perspective of the characters conscious and sub conscious mind. I think the real message here is that Daniel Betts has managed to write a new and original storyline.

In a genre that can become a canned imitation of some of the greats. He succeeds and that is why I am giving this book five stars. I will be reading the series as it becomes available. Get busy Mr.Betts times a wasting.

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