Mechanical by Bruno Flexer

Mechanical by Bruno Flexer
Mechanical by Bruno Flexer

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review of Mechanical By Bruno Flexer

Well, let's be honest about it. Being an author usually sucks but there are a few shining moments that make it all worth it.

A review of my book Mechanical by a reader over there at the United Kingdom:
"An excellent read from beginning to an unexpected twist at the end...original, thought provoking and unusually I have lost some nights sleep unable to put this leaves an open door for more....let it be so!"

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An author writes for his readers, naturally, and good feedback is the real reward for the countless sleepless nights the author had invested in any one of his books.
Thank you, Alfred J. A. Irons !

Link to Mechanical
Link to Dragon Over Washington

Friday, February 21, 2014

Superman - From Bad To Worse

We've already discussed here the possibilities for evil inherent in that alien monster (actually, that's a technical term that Superman fulfills nicely), Superman.

So, let's explore some of those instances where the threat was fulfilled and Superman went on a rampage, exposing his real (?) evil side.

Let's start with the Justice Lords, an alternate dimension version of the Justice League. There, the superpowered members of the Justice League, led by Superman, rule Earth with an iron fist. Just to be clear on the subject, that version of Superman fried Lex Luthor with his heat vision and then proceeded to take over the Earth, coincidently lobotomizing everyone who stood in his way, various supervillains included.

In the game Injustice Gods Among Us, Superman is tricked into killing Lois Lane and then really goes on a rampage, freely killing everyone who stands in his way to the new world order he creates.

 Moving on.

Superboy Prime is another alternate version of Superman from another dimension. Although starting off as good, a combination of circumstances made him turn to evil and he became one of the evil and most powerful supervillans that ever plagued the DC multiverse.

In the animated Superman series, Darksied captured Superman and brainwashed him, putting him at the head of his armies and sending him to rampge across the Galaxy, conquering planets in a spree of wanton destruction that ended on Earth.

In The Call episodes of Batman Beyond, Superman is being mind controlled by the alien Starro. Under his control, Superman tried to murder his Justice League friends and attacks batman beyond himself.

In the animated movie Superman Doomsday, Lex Luthor clones Superman and tried to control the clone, using red sun radiation and kryptonite. But the close breaks out of Luthor's control and then immediately starts to rampage (sounds familiar?), killing everyone who stands in his way, including the villain Toy Man and directly confronts the army, shooting planes and helicopters out of the skies and burning tanks with impunity.

Last but not least, in the animated movie Superman vs The Elite, in the final battle scene, Superman apparently turns evil, to put it simply, and destroys the Elite members one by one, showing ruthlessness that would put more than one super villain to shame. At the end, it is shown to be only a ruse and Superman stays good, but you can only wonder at the ease and the absolute commitment with which he played evil. One cannot help but think he enjoyed it.

In conclusion, what do we have here? An alien being who turns to evil so many times on so many occasions, that we can only wonder at those times he didn't turn to evil. True, some of those times he was brainwashed or cloned or was from another dimension but still, you cannot but wonder at the depth of evil he could reach and did reach on so many occasions.

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