Mechanical by Bruno Flexer

Mechanical by Bruno Flexer
Mechanical by Bruno Flexer

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ancient Fantasy - Dragon Myths - The Dragon with eight heads and eight tails - Part 1

by Bruno Flexer, Author of:
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Automatic Rebellion
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Dragon Myths - The Dragon with eight heads and eight tails - Part 1

A victory over a dragon is not a simple thing. In the following story a dragon was vanquished but the price was paid by all of Japan.

Most Japanese stories, including dragon stories, bear very little semblance to the dragon tales of other cultures. Eastern dragons are usually rulers of nature, kings of rivers and seas, more akin to sophisticated science fiction or fantasy really. But this story is about a dragon who was nothing else but a huge, horrifying monster. 

Susanoo was the son of the Sun Goddess but he was cast down from the skies and walked the earth, as if he was a common man.

One day Susanoo noticed wooden chop sticks floating down the river nearby. Figuring he would find people up the river, Susanoo changed his course, walking towards the river's source, anxious to meet new people.

Susanoo didn't have much land to cover before he found an elderly couple with a beautiful girl next to them. Susanoo greeted them and noticed the couple was weeping bitterly. The elderly man talk to Susanoo and told he was the local god of the earth, the son of the great god of the mountain.

But the region here was plagued by a great dragon that came once every year and ate one of the elderly's couple daughters till only one remained, the one standing nearby.

The man then went on and described the dragon. It had eight heads and eights tails. It was so huge, it filled entire valleys when it came and vegetation grew on its back. The giant dragon was taller than mountains. There was red fire in its stomach and its giant eyes glowed with a malevolent red light as if they were evil lanterns. For years no man nor god was able to fight this gigantic dragon. All those who tried, died.

Susanoo looked at the girl and fell in love with her. He was determined that no dragon, no matter how many heads or tails it had would eat her. Susanoo used his divine power and turned the girl to a comb and then he put her in his hair.

To be continued ...

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