Mechanical by Bruno Flexer

Mechanical by Bruno Flexer
Mechanical by Bruno Flexer

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On the rigors of being a science fiction and fantasy author - Amazon Reviews!

by Bruno Flexer, Author of:
Dragon Over Washington for Kindle,  Dragon Over Washington Paperback
The Fire At The Gates

Automatic Rebellion
UK Amazon: Bruno Flexer's Works

Just a taste of what being an author sometimes is.
I received this Amazon review from a reader on my science fiction novelette Automatic Rebellion:
Amazon Review
To summarize, this reader thought my story was pure garbage ... 

And then, a month later, I've received this very favorable Amazon review:
Amazon Review
And to summarize his great five star review, the story roused his curiosity and was filled with suspense yet all the time the suspense increased, just as I intended ...

And as the saying goes, win some, lose some ... You cannot write something all people will like ... 

Sometimes, an author's mood goes up and down according to the reviews he gets. Who ever said being an author was easy? You need to have a soul like Shakespeare and heart like cold stone ...

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