Mechanical by Bruno Flexer

Mechanical by Bruno Flexer
Mechanical by Bruno Flexer

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One of the Scariest videos I've ever seen - Flying Robots with Artificial Intelligence

by Bruno Flexer, Author of:
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For once, a non dragon related post. Not quite sure why, but this is one of the scariest videos I've seen in a long time:

Actually, I do know why this scares me.

Consider the Terminator robots. You still cannot really build walking robots carrying weapons, can you? With these flyers, you don't have to. They can fly, carry any (small for now ...) weapon and go anywhere the walking robots can.

How much imagination does it take to imagine these robots, linked to a command and control system and used to spy on us innocent civilians? You'd never hear or see one of these hovering silently near your house window and listening in on your conversations.

Of course, the formation flying is the real eye opener here. Imagine these robots flying together, hundreds spreading through a city, scouring in a matter of hours every house, car, autobus, subway station and public building to find one specific person.

Now, we can take it a little further. Imagine these artificial dragonflies equipped with tiny explosives, just a few grams of C4, enough to kill a man. A formation of these can destroy a car and a really big formation could together bring down a house.

Finally, just for flavor, add an artificial intelligence able to command thousands of these little killers at the same time and set them loose ...

There are many possibilities here. Mobility with artifiical intelligence coupled with precise flight and swarm tactics. I think will have more to say about this in the kindle soon  ...

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