Mechanical by Bruno Flexer

Mechanical by Bruno Flexer
Mechanical by Bruno Flexer

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review of Mechanical By Bruno Flexer

Well, let's be honest about it. Being an author usually sucks but there are a few shining moments that make it all worth it.

A review of my book Mechanical by a reader over there at the United Kingdom:
"An excellent read from beginning to an unexpected twist at the end...original, thought provoking and unusually I have lost some nights sleep unable to put this leaves an open door for more....let it be so!"

Link To Review

An author writes for his readers, naturally, and good feedback is the real reward for the countless sleepless nights the author had invested in any one of his books.
Thank you, Alfred J. A. Irons !

Link to Mechanical
Link to Dragon Over Washington

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